XML Web Service (SOAP Interface)

EODData now offers a complete end of day Web Service ideal for trading applications, web sites, portfolio management systems, etc.

The web service is available at this url: http://ws.eoddata.com/data.asmx.
For the WSDL click HERE

Access to the web service is free of charge for Platinum members - for more information on the benefits of membership click HERE.

Sample .NET source code is available if required. Click HERE to download sample VS2008 solution.

Commercial Use Pricing:

We can put together a custom package to suit your requirements dependant on which exchanges you need to access. Pricing ranges from US$100 per month to US$3,500 per month for unlimited access across all exchanges. For more information, please contact: sales@eoddata.com


If you are building a technical analysis/charting application and you need data, why not plug into our XML Web Service? Through our web service you can create new users, setup usernames/passwords and grant them access to specific exchanges. Your customers will never know that the data came from EODData (unless you want to tell them). The web service gives you access to exchange lists, symbol lists, historical data, splits, and much more. You can charge your customers a monthly/yearly subscription fee, take your cut and pass the balance on to us. Wholesale pricing starts at as little as $3 per user per month. Your customers can even purchase historical data through you. If you are not interested in the hassle of maintaining a stock price database and want to concentrate on developing your application then contact us today: sales@eoddata.com

Get started with EODData in 4 easy steps:
Before you can download our data, you will first need to register. Registration is FREE and will allow you to access our end of day data and symbol history.
To register now click HERE
We offer a range of Membership options ranging from free services to comprehensive end of day data updates. Full details of our subscription levels and the services they offer can be found on the Membership Levels page.
Up to 20 years of historical data can be purchased - for more information click HERE.
DataClient is a small powerful utility that runs on your computer and automatically downloads stock data onto your PC. To find out more about DataClient and to download it click HERE.