List of Symbols for Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX]
XTmx Group Limited68.2067.3768.06190,5550.490.73 
XAUGoldmoney Inc5.8005.2605.75073,1580.5009.52 
XAWIshares Core MSCI All Cntry Ex Can ETF24.3024.1324.2869,7010.331.38 
XBBIshares Core CDN Universe Bond ETF30.8530.7830.8254,015-0.040.13 
XBMIshares SP TSX Global Base Mtls ETF13.3013.2513.297,9190.231.76 
XCBIshares Canadian Corporate Bond ETF21.2021.1521.1864,272-0.020.09 
XCDIshares SP Global Cons Disc ETF32.3032.3032.301270.000.00 
XCGIshares Canadian Growth Index ETF30.8330.7730.815010.100.33 
XCHIshares China Index ETF28.0527.9928.052,2060.612.22 
XCSIshares SP TSX Smallcap Index ETF16.1216.0416.1213,1140.050.31 
XCTExactearth Ltd1.05001.00001.000035,600-0.03002.91 
XCVIshares Canadian Value Index ETF26.1826.1826.181050.160.61 
XDCXtreme Drilling Corp2.1002.0002.000700-0.1506.98 
XDGIshares Core MSCI Glo Qlty Div ETF19.6119.5919.615770.190.98 
XDGHIshares Core MSCI Glo Qlty Div ETF20.7320.7120.71700-0.050.24 
XDIVIshares Core MSCI CAD Qlty Div ETF21.0721.0621.066540.070.33 
XDUIshares Core MSCI US Qlty Div ETF19.7219.6319.724000.331.70 
XDUHIshares Core MSCI US Qlty Div ETF20.9520.9420.951,2380.170.82 
XDVIshares Canadian Select Div Index ETF25.8425.7325.8237,9040.120.47 
XEBIshares JP Morgan USD Emerg Mkts Bd ETF21.9121.9121.916,053-0.080.36 
XECIshares Core MSCI Emerging Mkts IMI ETF27.4027.2927.3822,0130.411.52 
XEFIshares Core MSCI EAFE IMI Index ETF30.2230.0830.2149,5200.290.97 
XEGIshares SP TSX Capped Energy Index ETF11.6411.5811.61448,8950.010.09 
XEHIshares MSCI Europe IMI Index ETF24.9824.9324.938110.050.20 
XEIIshares SP TSX Comp High Div Index ETF21.7221.6721.6815,7990.000.00 
XEMIshares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF32.7432.6032.709,7430.461.43 
XENIshares Jantzi Social Index ETF24.4324.4224.436,3800.120.49 
XEUIshares MSCI Europe IMI Index ETF24.0824.0524.069,9470.210.88 
XFAIshares Edge MSCI Multifact USA Idx CAD26.5426.1926.543,8110.200.76 
XFCIshares Edge MSCI Multifact Can ETF23.8223.7823.8016,352-0.110.46 
XFFIshares Edge MSCI Multifact EAFE Idx CAD25.5425.4525.4521,9720.110.43 
XFHIshares Core MSCI EAFE IMI Index ETF23.0322.9623.036,7500.130.57 
XFIIshares Edge MSCI Multifact EAFE ETF23.7023.6323.705,2960.331.41 
XFNIshares SP TSX Capped Financials ETF38.1838.0538.07221,7450.120.32 
XFRIshares Floating Rate Index ETF20.1520.1420.1525,5180.010.05 
XFSIshares Edge MSCI Multifact USA ETF24.9424.8624.945,6000.441.80 
XGBIshares Canadian Govt Bond Index ETF21.4321.4021.4016,005-0.030.14 
XGDIshares S&P/Tsx Global Gold Index ETF12.4512.3612.41485,8720.030.24 
XGIIshares SP Global Industrials ETF32.6032.5332.536030.320.99 
XHBIshares CDN Hybrid Corp Bond ETF20.5520.5020.5015,236-0.010.05 
XHCIshares Global Healthcare Index ETF45.4345.2745.425,6910.060.13 
XHDIshares US High Div Equity Index ETF28.2628.1928.268,7910.050.18 
XHUIshares US High Div Equity Index ETF22.6322.6222.621,7000.331.48 
XHYIshares US High Yield Bond Index ETF20.2020.1020.1080,078-0.010.05 
XICIshares Core SP TSX Capped Comp ETF25.1525.0925.1198,3510.080.32 
XIDIshares India Index ETF34.1333.5034.123,5770.471.40 
XIGIshares US Ig Corporate Bond Index ETF23.5823.5623.571,500-0.070.30 
XINIshares MSCI EAFE Index ETF26.4126.3526.4031,7940.110.42 
XITIshares SP TSX Capped Info Tech ETF15.8315.7315.829,4430.241.54 
XIUIshares SP TSX 60 Index ETF23.6323.5723.58932,2280.070.30 
XLBIshares Core CDN Long Term Bond ETF23.5623.5223.536,405-0.080.34 
XMAIshares SP TSX Capped Materials ETF13.3313.2713.309,9010.080.61 
XMCIshares SP US Midcap Index ETF17.7817.7317.748,6300.251.43 
XMDIshares SP TSX Completion Index ETF25.3625.3225.367,7300.110.44 
XMF.AM Split Corp Capital Shares 20140.69000.60000.60004,500-0.01001.64 
XMF.PR.BM Split Corp Class I Pref Shares5.2505.2505.2501,0500.0500.96 
XMF.PR.CM Split Corp Class II Pref Shares 20142.7702.7602.760600-0.0401.43 
XMHIshares SP US Midcap Index ETF CAD Hgd18.1218.1018.121,2730.110.61 
XMIIshares Edge MSCI Min Vol EAFE ETF34.7834.5934.765,5080.330.96 
XMLIshares Edge MSCI Mv EAFE ETF CAD Hgd22.5622.5622.561730.060.27 
XMMIshares Edge MSCI Min Vol Emerg ETF27.1927.0327.171,8930.351.30 
XMSIshares Edge MSCI Mv USA ETF CAD Hgd23.3023.3023.301000.080.34 
XMUIshares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA ETF44.1543.9044.132,6570.831.92 
XMVIshares Edge MSCI Min Vol Can ETF29.5529.4929.494300.070.24 
XMWIshares Edge MSCI Min Vol Gbl ETF37.4037.1737.383,8440.531.44 
XMYIshares Edge MSCI Mv Glbl ETF CAD Hgd22.6522.6222.622,300-0.060.26 
XPFIshares SP TSX Na Pref Stock ETF18.6118.5118.613,0180.040.22 
XQBIshares High Qlty Canadian Bond ETF20.4720.4420.468,0810.020.10 
XQB.AIshares High Qlty CDN Bond ETF AC20.2820.2820.282000.080.40 
XQQIshares Nasdaq 100 Index ETF50.1349.9749.976,0970.180.36 
XRBIshares CDN Real Return Bond Index ETF23.5923.5023.525,783-0.160.68 
XREIshares SP TSX Capped REIT Index ETF16.3016.2516.2742,091-0.010.06 
XSBIshares Core CDN Short Trm Bond ETF27.6027.5727.5855,2230.000.00 
XSCIshares Cons ST Strat Fix Inc ETF19.9119.8619.9010,0320.030.15 
XSEIshares Cons Strat Fix Inc ETF20.0820.0520.086,0340.020.10 
XSHIshares Core CDN ST Corp Maple Bnd ETF19.2819.2319.2317,684-0.030.16 
XSIIshares Short Term Strategic FI ETF19.3119.2519.305,9060.060.31 
XSPIshares Core SP 500 ETF CAD Hdg ETF29.4129.3329.3992,8960.140.48 
XSQIshares ST Hi Qlty CDN Bond ETF19.4519.4519.454920.000.00 
XSTIshares SP TSX Capped Cons Stpl ETF53.7753.6953.771,0960.020.04 
XSUIshares US Small Cap Index ETF32.2632.1832.1917,1670.170.53 
XTCExco Tech9.9409.7509.94067,7330.2302.37 
XTDTdb Split Corp Class A Shares6.4506.3806.4505,9750.0500.78 
XTD.PR.ATdb Split Corp Priority Equity Shares10.0610.0410.041,3000.000.00 
XTGXtra Gold Resources Corp0.26000.26000.2600500-0.01003.70 
XTRIshares Diversified Monthly Income ETF11.4411.4211.4247,6280.000.00 
XUHIshares Core SP US Total Mkt ETF CAD Heg24.2724.2124.245,8270.130.54 
XUSIshares Core SP 500 Index ETF40.7240.5140.6925,7410.641.60 
XUTIshares SP TSX Capped Utilities ETF23.4523.3823.401,1760.100.43 
XUUIshares Core SP US Total Market ETF25.1124.9925.0916,4120.381.54 
XWDIshares MSCI World Index ETF47.0446.8547.0325,3430.621.34 
XXMFa Morningstar US Value Index ETF13.3213.2313.2832,9690.110.84 
XXM.BFa Morningstr US Value Idx Unhdgd ETF16.6916.6916.692540.462.83 
United States
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