List of Symbols for Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX]
ZAGBMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF15.4215.3915.40101,833-0.050.32 
ZARZargon Oil and Gas Ltd0.44000.43000.43007,8000.00000.00 
ZAR.DB.AZargon Oil and Gas Ltd 8.00 Pct Debs80.0078.5578.5524,000-0.250.32 
ZBKBMO Equal Weight US Bank ETF28.3228.0028.1530,560-0.200.71 
ZCBBMO Corporate Bond Index ETF49.6449.6449.644590.120.24 
ZCHBMO China Equity Index ETF27.5027.3027.3210,420-0.170.62 
ZCLZcl Composites8.5608.2508.31059,889-0.2202.58 
ZCMBMO Mid Corporate Bond ETF15.9415.9015.9013,138-0.080.50 
ZCNBMO SP TSX Capped Comp ETF22.2922.1822.1835,011-0.150.67 
ZCPBBMO Core Plus Bond Fund30.4230.4030.402,132-0.020.07 
ZCSBMO Short Corp Bond ETF14.0013.9913.9936,866-0.020.14 
ZCS.LBMO Short Corporate Bond ETF20.1920.1920.192,8250.020.10 
ZDBBMO Discount Bond ETF15.6915.6715.6817,141-0.040.25 
ZDHBMO Intl Div CAD Hedge ETF22.5522.4922.491,100-0.030.13 
ZDIBMO International Dividend ETF22.1222.0822.122,734-0.010.05 
ZDJBMO DJIA Hedged To CAD Index ETF42.4042.1942.319,211-0.030.07 
ZDMBMO MSCI EAFE Hedged To CAD Index ETF21.8021.7021.748,305-0.060.28 
ZDVBMO Canadian Dividend ETF17.2317.1417.1422,655-0.120.70 
ZDYBMO US Dividend ETF CAD31.8031.5031.5518,337-0.441.38 
ZDY.UBMO US Dividend ETF USD24.7224.7224.721190.000.00 
ZEABMO MSCI EAFE ETF19.1419.0419.1111,045-0.110.57 
ZEBBMO SP TSX Equal Weight Banks Index ETF29.4929.3629.46104,986-0.020.07 
ZEFBMO Emg Mkt Bond Hdgd To CAD ETF15.6615.5815.638,0840.040.26 
ZEMBMO MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETF20.4120.2020.3925,3950.180.89 
ZEOBMO SP TSX Eql Weight Oil Gas Index ETF11.0711.0011.0114,338-0.060.54 
ZEQBMO MSCI EU Hq Hcad ETF20.8020.6120.782,8420.030.14 
ZEUSBMO Shiller Select US Index ETF22.5022.5022.501,0450.281.26 
ZFHBMO Floating Rate High Yield ETF15.3815.3415.382,3140.020.13 
ZFLBMO Long Fed Bond Index ETF17.3317.3317.331,400-0.160.91 
ZFMBMO Mid Federal Bond Index ETF15.9015.8815.885,600-0.040.25 
ZFSBMO Short Federal Bond Index ETF14.1214.1214.121000.000.00 
ZFS.LBMO Short Federal Bond Index ETF19.9319.9319.932000.020.10 
ZGBBMO Government Bond Index ETF50.0150.0150.0114,8000.190.38 
ZGDBMO SP TSX Eql Weight Glbl Gold ETF8.9908.9908.990400-0.0800.88 
ZGIBMO Global Infrastructure Index ETF35.5535.3635.363,981-0.621.72 
ZGQBMO MSCI All Cntry Wrld High Qlty ETF32.2532.1732.172,235-0.190.59 
ZGSBBMO Global Strategic Bond Fund30.0330.0330.034,000-0.020.07 
ZHPBMO US Pref Share Hgd To CAD ETF24.6524.6424.651,270-0.190.76 
ZHYBMO High Yld US Corp Bnd Hdg CAD ETF13.8413.7813.832,2250.000.00 
ZICBMO Mid Term US Ig Corp Bond ETF18.1118.0318.036,640-0.261.42 
ZIC.UBMO Mid Term US Ig Corp Bond ETF USD14.0413.9914.041,300-0.020.14 
ZIDBMO India Equity Index ETF25.1125.0125.016500.010.04 
ZINBMO SP TSX Equal Weight Indstrl ETF28.3728.2128.211,491-0.230.81 
ZJGBMO Junior Gold Index ETF8.6508.6008.63011,198-0.1001.15 
ZJKBMO High Yield US Corp Bond ETF20.3820.3820.382,5000.190.94 
ZJNBMO Junior Gas Index ETF18.2018.2018.202090.030.17 
ZJOBMO Junior Oil Index ETF14.6214.5514.55930-0.221.49 
ZLBBMO Low Volatility CAD Equity ETF31.2031.1131.1516,941-0.100.32 
ZLCBMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETF18.4518.3918.4118,104-0.120.65 
ZLDBMO Low Vol Intl Eqty Hed To CAD ETF23.8923.8923.891030.000.00 
ZLEBMO Low Vol Emerg Mkt Equity ETF21.5421.5221.523,500-0.040.19 
ZLHBMO Low Vol US Eqty Hed To CAD ETF23.6223.4223.42609-0.050.21 
ZLIBMO Low Vol Intl Equity ETF24.9424.7824.944,2390.010.04 
ZLUBMO Low Volatility US Equity ETF CAD32.6232.4732.529,511-0.481.45 
ZLU.UBMO Low Volatility US Equity ETF USD25.3725.3725.371,900-0.160.63 
ZMIBMO Monthly Income ETF16.1316.0716.074,150-0.070.43 
ZMPBMO Mid Provincial Bond Index ETF14.7314.7014.7032,039-0.060.41 
ZMSBBMO Global Multi Sector Bond Fund29.9229.9029.924,000-0.030.10 
ZMTBMO Sptsx Eql Wgt Glb Metal Hed CAD ETF10.7710.7210.7222,227-0.060.56 
ZMUBMO Mid Term US Ig Corp Bd Hgd CAD Idx14.2814.2314.255,356-0.020.14 
ZPHBMO US Put Write Hedged To CAD ETF19.3619.2619.361,0140.110.57 
ZPLBMO Long Provincial Bond Index ETF15.8515.8215.821,202-0.130.82 
ZPRBMO Laddered Pref Share ETF11.7211.6811.7158,4920.010.09 
ZPSBMO Short Provincial Bond Index ETF13.3113.3113.31221-0.010.08 
ZPWBMO US Put Write ETF18.4518.3918.398,176-0.160.86 
ZPW.UBMO US Put Write ETF USD18.6818.6818.688,0000.090.48 
ZQQBMO Nasdaq 100 Hedged To CAD Index ETF56.1255.7255.7788,893-0.020.04 
ZREBMO Equal Weight Reits Index ETF21.7921.6521.668,538-0.180.82 
ZRRBMO Real Return Bond Index ETF17.6117.6117.611750.000.00 
ZSBBMO Short Term Bond Idx ETF49.6549.6549.651000.060.12 
ZSPBMO SP 500 Index ETF40.6140.4440.4428,238-0.461.12 
ZSP.UBMO SP 500 Index ETF USD30.9630.9030.908,650-0.050.16 
ZSTBMO Ultra Short Term Bond ETF51.3351.3051.332,7880.020.04 
ZST.LBMO Ultra Short Term Bond ETF51.0651.0651.064,2040.020.04 
ZSUBMO ST US Ig Corp Bond Hcad ETF14.4014.4014.402,2000.020.14 
ZUBBMO Eql Wgt US Bank Hdgd To CAD ETF30.1429.8430.0624,9810.120.40 
ZUDBMO US Dividend Hedged To CAD ETF24.4224.2624.294,891-0.080.33 
ZUEBMO SP 500 Hedged CAD ETF42.3042.2042.232,552-0.050.12 
ZUHBMO Eql Wgt US Hcare Hdgd To CAD ETF53.6253.4053.459,984-0.070.13 
ZUPBMO US Pref Share Index ETF25.3825.1225.122,375-0.070.28 
ZUP.UBMO US Pref Share Index ETF24.8124.8024.811,250-0.010.04 
ZUQBMO MSCI USA High Quality Index ETF35.0534.9034.903,904-0.300.85 
ZUTBMO Equal Weight Utilities Index ETF16.4216.3416.3598,272-0.100.61 
ZVCBMO MSCI Cda Value Index ETF21.6221.6221.621,0000.040.19 
ZVIBMO MSCI EAFE Value Index ETF21.0220.9621.022,2000.070.33 
ZVUBMO MSCI USA Value Index ETF22.7522.6722.678,922-0.010.04 
ZWABMO Covered Call DJIA CAD ETF23.1022.9923.067,469-0.020.09 
ZWBBMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF19.2919.2019.2739,716-0.020.10 
ZWCBMO CDN High Div Covered Call ETF19.8619.7519.7518,036-0.120.60 
ZWEBMO Europe High Div CC CAD Hedge ETF21.2320.9921.0819,863-0.160.75 
ZWHBMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF20.5920.4920.5149,313-0.281.35 
ZWH.UBMO US High Dividend Cov Call ETF USD21.4421.4221.44350-0.080.37 
ZWPBMO Europe High Div Cov Call ETF19.6019.5419.609,865-0.180.91 
ZWSBMO US High Div Cov Call Hgd ETF19.8319.8219.83300-0.090.45 
ZWUBMO Covered Call Utilities ETF12.9112.8312.8547,307-0.070.54 
ZXMF A Morningstar Intl Momentum ETF30.0229.9129.953,0180.000.00 
ZXM.BF A Morningstar Intl Momentum ETF Unhdg32.4832.4832.48831-0.170.52 
ZYMEZymeworks Inc18.5017.3917.458,829-1.035.57 
ZZZSleep Country Canada Holdings Inc31.7531.2931.3671,141-0.441.38 
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