List of Symbols for Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX]
RA.UNMiddlefield Global Real Asset Fund7.2907.1507.1506230.0801.13 
RATEArrow Ec Income Advantage Alt Fund ETF21.0520.9821.054,9000.010.05 
RAV.UNRavensource Fund17.0017.0017.001000.744.55 
RAY.AStingray Digital Group Inc Sv7.6907.5707.57026,401-0.1001.30 
RAY.BStingray Digital Group Inc Variable Sv7.5507.5507.5501000.0500.67 
RBARb Global Inc111.4108.9109.7226,758-1.21.06 
RBN.UNBlue Ribbon Income Fund7.9707.8107.81012,793-0.1001.26 
RBNKRBC CDN Bank Yield Index ETF23.6923.4723.4934,894-0.251.05 
RBORBC 1 To 5 Yr Laddered Corp Bond ETF18.3418.3418.341,0090.010.05 
RBOTGX Robotics & Ai Index ETF30.6730.5530.606010.451.49 
RBOT.UGX Robotics & Ai Index ETF USD21.9821.7921.981,400-0.220.99 
RBYRubellite Energy Inc2.3002.1502.1809,276-0.1205.22 
RCDRBC Quant CDN Dividend Leaders ETF26.2126.0726.081,600-0.391.47 
RCDCRBC Canadian Dividend Covered Call ETF19.7419.6519.6710,819-0.130.66 
RCGRF Capital Group Inc7.8607.7907.7908,902-0.0600.76 
RCG.PR.BRF Capital Group Inc Pref B12.1512.1012.151,8130.100.83 
RCHRichelieu Hardware Ltd41.1739.6040.3165,185-0.621.51 
RCI.ARogers Communications Inc Cl A Mv56.8056.2056.201,525-1.101.92 
RCI.BRogers Communications Inc Cl B NV52.7651.8852.121,420,505-0.681.29 
RDBHRBC US Discount Bond CAD Hedged ETF20.1720.1720.172840.000.00 
REALReal Matters Inc6.1906.0006.130163,1290.1302.17 
REI.UNRiocan Real Est Un17.0316.7816.81666,2660.000.00 
RGQLRBC Target 2024 Government Bond ETF20.4420.4420.442,900-0.010.05 
RGQNRBC Target 2025 Government Bond ETF20.2320.2220.239000.010.05 
RGQORBC Target 2026 Government Bond ETF20.1820.1820.182250.030.15 
RGQPRBC Target 2027 Government Bond ETF19.9619.9619.964070.000.00 
RGQQRBC Target 2028 Government Bond ETF19.8319.8319.833000.050.25 
RGQRRBC Target 2029 Government Bond ETF19.7919.7919.799000.070.35 
RGQSRBC Target 2030 CDN Government Bond ETF20.5420.5420.542000.100.49 
RIDRBC Quant EAFE Div Leaders ETF26.5026.4226.454,400-0.411.53 
RID.URBC Quant EAFE Div Leaders USD ETF19.2219.2219.22100-0.090.47 
RIDHRBC Quant EAFE Div Leaders ETF29.2029.1229.193,100-0.371.25 
RIFIRussell Invt Fixed Income Pool ETF17.8117.7717.812,2000.130.74 
RIINRussell Invt Global Infr Pool ETF19.3419.2619.342,3000.080.42 
RIRARussell Invt Real Assets ETF17.1917.1717.195000.050.29 
RITCI Canadian REIT ETF15.2015.1115.1518,0500.000.00 
RLBRBC 1 To 5 Year Laddered Can Bond ETF18.3618.3618.361000.010.05 
ROOTRoots Corp2.1902.1802.180215-0.0200.91 
RPDRBC Quant European Div Leaders ETF26.0426.0426.04100-0.501.88 
RPD.URBC Quant European Div Leaders ETF USD19.2519.2519.251001.146.29 
RPDHRBC Quant European Div Leaders ETF27.6527.5927.609000.020.07 
RPFRBC Canadian Pref Share ETF19.8919.5819.5919,551-0.291.46 
RPI.UNRichards Packaging Income Fund30.0929.6329.754,4130.070.24 
RPSBRBC Phn Short Term CDN Bond ETF19.6919.6919.691,0000.080.41 
RQLRBC Target 2024 Corp Bond Index ETF20.4020.3920.402,3000.010.05 
RQNRBC Target 2025 Corp Bond Index ETF20.2320.2220.239,0300.010.05 
RQORBC Target 2026 Corporate Bond Index ETF18.3418.3318.3415,7000.020.11 
RQPRBC Target 2027 Corporate Bond Index ETF17.8817.8817.882,3000.030.17 
RQQRBC Target 2028 Corporate Bond Index ETF21.5121.5021.501,4000.060.28 
RQRRBC Target 2029 Corporate Bond Index ETF21.3421.3121.342,7000.070.33 
RQSRBC Target 2030 CDN Corp Bond Index ETF20.5920.5520.593,1200.180.88 
RSReal Estate Split Corp11.9611.6311.7721,205-0.090.76 
RS.PR.AReal Estate Split Corp Pfd A9.8909.8709.8803,500-0.0100.10 
RSIRogers Sugar Inc5.6905.6305.650116,145-0.0400.70 
RSI.DB.ERogers Sugar Inc 5Pct Debs100.2598.80100.00162,0001.201.21 
RSI.DB.FRogers Sugar Inc 4.75 Pct Debs100.599.9100.520,0000.50.50 
RTGRtg Mining Inc0.04000.04000.040016,000-0.005011.11 
RUBHRBC US Banks Yield CAD Hgd Index ETF15.9015.9015.90200-1.357.83 
RUBYRBC US Banks Yield Index ETF CAD19.2419.2419.24200-0.190.98 
RUDRBC Quant US Div Leaders ETF67.9967.6067.994,6540.350.52 
RUD.URBC Quant US Div Leaders USD ETF49.3249.1549.327000.020.04 
RUDBRBC US Discount Bond ETF20.7020.7020.708970.100.49 
RUDB.URBC US Discount Bond ETF USD15.0215.0215.026230.000.00 
RUDCRBC U.S. Dividend Covered Call ETF21.5021.5021.501090.000.00 
RUDC.URBC US Dividend Covered Call ETF USD15.5715.5715.571750.332.17 
RUDHRBC Quant US Div Leaders ETF47.1847.0447.182,7020.140.30 
RUPRupert Resources Ltd3.9003.8103.83010,941-0.0401.03 
RUQNRBC Target 2025 US Corp Bond ETF20.1520.1520.15300-0.020.10 
RUQN.URBC Target 2025 US Corp Bond ETF USD14.6714.6714.672000.020.14 
RUQORBC Target 2026 US Corp Bond ETF20.2320.2320.232000.070.35 
RUQO.URBC Target 2026 US Corp Bond ETF USD14.7214.7214.723420.010.07 
RUQPRBC Target 2027 U.S. Corporate Bond ETF20.3820.3520.356000.070.35 
RUQP.URBC Target 2027 US Corp Bond ETF USD14.7514.7514.751000.070.48 
RUQQRBC Target 2028 U.S. Corporate Bond ETF20.5020.4920.493,2000.221.09 
RUQQ.URBC Target 2028 US Corp Bond ETF USD14.7114.7114.713000.110.75 
RUQR.URBC Target 2029 US Corp Bond ETF USD14.9714.9714.973410.130.88 
RUQSRBC Target 2030 US Corp Bond ETF20.2720.2720.272000.050.25 
RUQS.URBC Target 2030 US Corp Bond ETF USD14.9414.9414.942,5000.030.20 
RUSRussel Metals38.6637.5737.74247,618-0.812.10 
RUSB.URBC Short Term US Corp Bond USD15.2115.2115.212,5540.020.13 
RVXResverlogix Corp0.05500.05000.050031,0000.00000.00 
RXDRBC Quant Emrg Mkts Div Leaders ETF20.7320.7220.736000.211.02 
RYRoyal Bank of Canada144.7143.1143.41,881,786-1.40.98 
RY.PR.HRoyal Bank Pref Ser Bb24.9824.9724.98275,6940.020.08 
RY.PR.JRoyal Bank Pref Ser Bd23.5023.3923.4012,177-0.100.43 
RY.PR.MRoyal Bank Pref Ser Bf22.4622.2522.295,500-0.231.02 
RY.PR.NRoyal Bank Pref Ser Bh23.0022.8122.81550-0.190.83 
RY.PR.ORoyal Bank Pref Ser Bi22.9022.7522.902,300-0.110.48 
RY.PR.SRBC Pref Shares Series Bo24.4123.9524.0021,750-0.391.60 
RY.PR.ZRBC First Pref Sh Series AZ25.0024.9924.996400.000.00 
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