List of Symbols for Chicago Merchantile Exchange [CME]
FCFeeder Cattle (Pit)146.6144.5145.94,0570.80.56 
FC.CFeeder Cattle (Pit) Continuation142.4142.2142.44,138-3.72.54 
FCF20Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Jan 20}142.4142.2142.44,1380.20.14 
FCH20Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Mar 20}141.3140.9141.31,6610.30.23 
FCJ20Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Apr 20}142.4142.1142.44680.30.21 
FCK20Feeder Cattle (Pit) {May 20}143.1142.8143.12260.40.26 
FCQ20Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Aug 20}147.5147.2147.5860.30.17 
FCU19Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Sep 19}141.6141.5141.5234-0.10.05 
FCU20Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Sep 20}146.6146.3146.630.30.17 
FCV19Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Oct 19}145.2145.0145.28810.20.16 
FCX19Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Nov 19}146.1145.9145.94,057-0.20.10 
FI.CPalm Oil MY Swaps Continuation536.5527.5536.50-11.82.14 
FIF20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jan 20}552.8545.5552.807.31.33 
FIF21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jan 21}562.3558.3562.304.00.72 
FIF22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jan 22}565.3563.8565.301.50.27 
FIF23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jan 23}558.5558.0558.500.50.09 
FIG20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Feb 20}557.5551.3557.506.31.13 
FIG21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Feb 21}564.5560.8564.503.80.67 
FIG22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Feb 22}565.0563.5565.001.50.27 
FIG23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Feb 23}557.8557.3557.800.50.09 
FIH20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Mar 20}558.8552.8558.806.01.09 
FIH21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Mar 21}566.8563.3566.803.50.62 
FIH22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Mar 22}564.5563.3564.501.30.22 
FIH23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Mar 23}557.0556.5557.000.50.09 
FIJ20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Apr 20}557.0551.5557.005.51.00 
FIJ21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Apr 21}567.0563.8567.003.30.58 
FIJ22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Apr 22}564.3563.3564.301.00.18 
FIJ23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Apr 23}556.3555.8556.300.50.09 
FIK20Palm Oil MY Swaps {May 20}554.8549.3554.805.51.00 
FIK21Palm Oil MY Swaps {May 21}567.3564.0567.303.30.58 
FIK22Palm Oil MY Swaps {May 22}563.8563.0563.800.80.13 
FIK23Palm Oil MY Swaps {May 23}555.5555.0555.500.50.09 
FIM20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jun 20}552.8547.8552.805.00.91 
FIM21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jun 21}567.3564.3567.303.00.53 
FIM22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jun 22}563.5562.8563.500.80.13 
FIM23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jun 23}554.8554.3554.800.50.09 
FIN20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jul 20}549.3544.3549.305.00.92 
FIN21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jul 21}567.3564.5567.302.80.49 
FIN22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jul 22}563.0562.5563.000.50.09 
FIN23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jul 23}554.0553.5554.000.50.09 
FIQ20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Aug 20}548.3543.5548.304.80.87 
FIQ21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Aug 21}567.0564.5567.002.50.44 
FIQ22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Aug 22}562.3561.8562.300.50.09 
FIQ23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Aug 23}553.3552.8553.300.50.09 
FIU19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Sep 19}524.5524.3524.30-0.30.05 
FIU20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Sep 20}547.5542.8547.504.80.88 
FIU21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Sep 21}567.0564.8567.002.30.40 
FIU22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Sep 22}561.5561.0561.500.50.09 
FIV19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Oct 19}527.3518.0527.309.31.79 
FIV20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Oct 20}552.5548.3552.504.30.78 
FIV21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Oct 21}566.5564.5566.502.00.35 
FIV22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Oct 22}560.8560.3560.800.50.09 
FIX19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Nov 19}536.5527.5536.509.01.71 
FIX20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Nov 20}557.8553.5557.804.30.77 
FIX21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Nov 21}566.3564.3566.302.00.35 
FIX22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Nov 22}560.0559.5560.000.50.09 
FIZ19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Dec 19}545.0537.0545.008.01.49 
FIZ20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Dec 20}560.0556.0560.004.00.72 
FIZ21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Dec 21}565.8564.0565.801.80.31 
FIZ22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Dec 22}559.3558.8559.300.50.09 
FW.CPalm Olein MY Swaps Continuation556.5554.5554.50-2.00.36 
FWF20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jan 20}562.0556.5562.005.50.99 
FWF21Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jan 21}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWG20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Feb 20}582.0576.5582.005.50.95 
FWG21Palm Olein MY Swaps {Feb 21}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWH20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Mar 20}582.0576.5582.005.50.95 
FWH21Palm Olein MY Swaps {Mar 21}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWJ20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Apr 20}582.0576.5582.005.50.95 
FWJ21Palm Olein MY Swaps {Apr 21}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWK20Palm Olein MY Swaps {May 20}579.5571.5579.508.01.40 
FWK21Palm Olein MY Swaps {May 21}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWM20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jun 20}579.5571.5579.508.01.40 
FWM21Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jun 21}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWN20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jul 20}579.5571.5579.508.01.40 
FWN21Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jul 21}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWQ20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Aug 20}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWQ21Palm Olein MY Swaps {Aug 21}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWU19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Sep 19}540.0540.0540.000.00.00 
FWU20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Sep 20}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWV19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Oct 19}544.3534.3544.3010.01.87 
FWV20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Oct 20}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWX19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Nov 19}556.5554.5554.50-2.00.36 
FWX20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Nov 20}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
FWZ19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Dec 19}562.0556.5562.005.50.99 
FWZ20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Dec 20}577.0569.0577.008.01.41 
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