List of Symbols for Chicago Merchantile Exchange [CME]
FCFeeder Cattle (Pit)154.9153.7154.13,824-1.30.81 
FC.CFeeder Cattle (Pit) Continuation149.4148.8148.84,894-0.70.45 
FCF19Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Jan 19}149.4148.8148.84,894-0.70.45 
FCH19Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Mar 19}148.0147.1147.11,546-1.00.66 
FCJ19Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Apr 19}149.2148.3148.3410-0.90.59 
FCK19Feeder Cattle (Pit) {May 19}149.6148.8148.8199-0.80.52 
FCQ19Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Aug 19}152.5152.1152.157-0.50.30 
FCU18Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Sep 18}157.3157.1157.39970.30.16 
FCU19Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Sep 19}152.4151.8151.80-0.60.38 
FCV18Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Oct 18}155.3154.7154.71,350-0.60.39 
FCX18Feeder Cattle (Pit) {Nov 18}154.4154.1154.13,824-0.30.21 
FI.CPalm Oil MY Swaps Continuation538.8534.5534.50-4.30.79 
FIF19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jan 19}562.8558.8558.80-4.00.71 
FIF20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jan 20}585.3582.3582.30-3.00.51 
FIF21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jan 21}580.3577.3577.30-3.00.52 
FIF22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jan 22}573.3570.3570.30-3.00.52 
FIF23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jan 23}564.3561.3561.30-3.00.53 
FIG19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Feb 19}571.3567.3567.30-4.00.70 
FIG20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Feb 20}584.8581.8581.80-3.00.51 
FIG21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Feb 21}580.0576.8576.80-3.30.56 
FIG22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Feb 22}572.5569.5569.50-3.00.52 
FIG23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Feb 23}563.5560.5560.50-3.00.53 
FIH19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Mar 19}574.8571.8571.80-3.00.52 
FIH20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Mar 20}584.5581.3581.30-3.30.56 
FIH21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Mar 21}579.5576.5576.50-3.00.52 
FIH22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Mar 22}571.8568.8568.80-3.00.52 
FIH23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Mar 23}562.8559.8559.80-3.00.53 
FIJ19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Apr 19}576.0573.0573.00-3.00.52 
FIJ20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Apr 20}584.0581.0581.00-3.00.51 
FIJ21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Apr 21}579.0576.0576.00-3.00.52 
FIJ22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Apr 22}571.0568.0568.00-3.00.53 
FIJ23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Apr 23}562.0559.0559.00-3.00.53 
FIK19Palm Oil MY Swaps {May 19}576.0573.0573.00-3.00.52 
FIK20Palm Oil MY Swaps {May 20}583.5580.5580.50-3.00.51 
FIK21Palm Oil MY Swaps {May 21}578.8575.8575.80-3.00.52 
FIK22Palm Oil MY Swaps {May 22}570.3567.3567.30-3.00.53 
FIK23Palm Oil MY Swaps {May 23}561.3558.3558.30-3.00.53 
FIM19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jun 19}578.3575.3575.30-3.00.52 
FIM20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jun 20}583.3580.0580.00-3.30.56 
FIM21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jun 21}578.3575.3575.30-3.00.52 
FIM22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jun 22}569.5566.5566.50-3.00.53 
FIM23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jun 23}560.5557.5557.50-3.00.54 
FIN19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jul 19}575.8572.8572.80-3.00.52 
FIN20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jul 20}582.8579.8579.80-3.00.51 
FIN21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jul 21}577.8574.8574.80-3.00.52 
FIN22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jul 22}568.8565.8565.80-3.00.53 
FIN23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Jul 23}559.8556.8556.80-3.00.54 
FIQ19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Aug 19}576.0573.0573.00-3.00.52 
FIQ20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Aug 20}582.3579.3579.30-3.00.52 
FIQ21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Aug 21}577.0574.0574.00-3.00.52 
FIQ22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Aug 22}568.0565.0565.00-3.00.53 
FIQ23Palm Oil MY Swaps {Aug 23}559.0556.0556.00-3.00.54 
FIU18Palm Oil MY Swaps {Sep 18}534.5534.3534.500.30.05 
FIU19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Sep 19}576.3573.0573.00-3.30.56 
FIU20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Sep 20}582.0578.8578.80-3.30.56 
FIU21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Sep 21}576.3573.3573.30-3.00.52 
FIU22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Sep 22}567.3564.3564.30-3.00.53 
FIV18Palm Oil MY Swaps {Oct 18}534.0532.3532.30-1.80.33 
FIV19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Oct 19}580.3577.0577.00-3.30.56 
FIV20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Oct 20}581.5578.5578.50-3.00.52 
FIV21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Oct 21}575.5572.5572.50-3.00.52 
FIV22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Oct 22}566.5563.5563.50-3.00.53 
FIX18Palm Oil MY Swaps {Nov 18}538.8534.5534.50-4.30.79 
FIX19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Nov 19}584.3581.0581.00-3.30.56 
FIX20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Nov 20}581.0578.0578.00-3.00.52 
FIX21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Nov 21}574.8571.8571.80-3.00.52 
FIX22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Nov 22}565.8562.8562.80-3.00.53 
FIZ18Palm Oil MY Swaps {Dec 18}551.5547.3547.30-4.30.77 
FIZ19Palm Oil MY Swaps {Dec 19}584.8581.5581.50-3.30.56 
FIZ20Palm Oil MY Swaps {Dec 20}580.8577.8577.80-3.00.52 
FIZ21Palm Oil MY Swaps {Dec 21}574.0571.0571.00-3.00.52 
FIZ22Palm Oil MY Swaps {Dec 22}565.0562.0562.00-3.00.53 
FW.CPalm Olein MY Swaps Continuation567.5562.5562.50-5.00.88 
FWF19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jan 19}577.5572.5572.50-5.00.87 
FWF20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jan 20}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWG19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Feb 19}601.3597.5597.50-3.80.62 
FWG20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Feb 20}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWH19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Mar 19}601.3597.5597.50-3.80.62 
FWH20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Mar 20}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWJ19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Apr 19}601.3597.5597.50-3.80.62 
FWJ20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Apr 20}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWK19Palm Olein MY Swaps {May 19}602.5600.0600.00-2.50.41 
FWK20Palm Olein MY Swaps {May 20}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWM19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jun 19}602.5600.0600.00-2.50.41 
FWM20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jun 20}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWN19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jul 19}602.5600.0600.00-2.50.41 
FWN20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Jul 20}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWQ19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Aug 19}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWQ20Palm Olein MY Swaps {Aug 20}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWU18Palm Olein MY Swaps {Sep 18}562.3562.3562.300.00.00 
FWU19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Sep 19}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWV18Palm Olein MY Swaps {Oct 18}562.8560.8560.80-2.00.36 
FWV19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Oct 19}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWX18Palm Olein MY Swaps {Nov 18}567.5562.5562.50-5.00.88 
FWX19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Nov 19}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
FWZ18Palm Olein MY Swaps {Dec 18}577.5572.5572.50-5.00.87 
FWZ19Palm Olein MY Swaps {Dec 19}600.0597.5597.50-2.50.42 
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